A Word from Phil...

Below are the actual top 5 questions people have asked me about Songs for Nocturna in the month or so it's been out. Enjoy!

  1. I don't hear a vacuum cleaner, was that a joke?
    • No, it's in the "storm" section of "The Waters". I waved a drinking glass back and forth in front of the nozzle to create the "whooshing" noise. It was a fun session.
  2. Why is "My Arm's Asleep" purple on the back cover?
    • Nocturna's walls were sponged in various shades of purple. When I first played open mic nights there, I was so nervous I could barely sing; the only thing that helped was to start out with something mellow. "My Arm's Asleep" was the mellowest thing I had, so people heard it a lot; it became quite popular.
  3. What's a "Kibble"?
    • Like most coffeehouses, Nocturna served an assortment of sandwiches and pastry-type stuff. I'd always assumed it meant that. The actual dictionary definition is "coarsely ground meat or grain". (Go figure).
  4. Who is "Mary Canary"?
    • I'll never tell. Suffice it to say, she was a cute blonde twenty-something singer who showed up once in a while for open mic nights. You couldn't help liking her, but I hated having to follow her on stage, the place was spellbound.
  5. Now that it's over, what's the answer to the "Find the misspelled word" contest?
    • C'mon, go back and look again. (Hint: It's not 'cus or disc).

2001-2002 Phil Fox
Art by Kate Phillips.