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Okay, so you missed the era of the "coffeehouses three". You're new in town, perhaps visiting, or, (like me), you've just risen vampire-like from an extended period of recording-studio seclusion. What to do?

The open mic night mantle, (coffeehouse variety), appears to have passed to The Living Room; 1285 38th Ave, (843) 626-8363. Every other Thursday night, from around nine to eleven, poets and singer-songwriters of every stripe hold forth in what is surely the most diverse evening of entertainment on the entire Grand Strand. Which is the "other" Thursday? (Even I get confused!). Hopefully, with attendance growing at the current rate, it'll soon be every Thursday, (which would suite me just fine). In the meantime, call first to be certain; listener or performer, you will be most welcome. Jamie and I frequently show up to play our "three song maximum"; new songs, or songs from the CD.

I also highly recommend the more electric-oriented open mic night hosted every Wednesday night by Plush at Alley Cat's Bar and Grill; 514 8th AV N, (843) 445-6134. The band opens with a couple numbers, but after that anyone can sign up and sit in. It doesn't even kick off until after eleven, though, so prepare for a late one.

Alley Cat's, The Lazy i, Gypsy's, Hammerhedz, and The Brickyard, are all great places to catch original and often off-the-hook local and regional bands. (I'm sure I'll add additional places as I get out and about more).

"Songs for Nocturna" can be bought locally at the following fine establishments (all known for supporting Myrtle Beach artists): Sounds Familiar, Generations Used CD's, The Lazy i, The Living Room Coffee Bar and Used Books, and Sound Shop/Music 4 Less. Look for it at Fifty-two five, and Millennium Music, in Charleston, SC.

If you would like to contact Scott Watkins, (to discuss a production role on your latest recording project, for example), he may be reached at audiotrax@juno.com.

If you would like to contact Shannon Thomas, (to discuss cover art/photography for your new CD, for example), she may be reached at iggeepop@aol.com.

It gives me great pleasure to recommend both of these folks to you.

Comments, questions, and carry-out pizza delivery, feel free to contact me at pfox195@msn.com. (Just kidding about the pizza!).

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